Thursday, April 26, 2012

Retirement Community: the Advantages and Disadvantages

As people reach the age of 55, dilemma about where to spend the rest of their lives comes to mind. It’s a reality seniors have to face and prepare for. Most elders opt to stay in the comfort of their own home, where familiarity will never be a problem and able family members could take care of them or they could employ caregivers to assist them on their daily activities. However, there are cases where this kind of arrangement would not be possible for some reasons. Depending on their financial resources, seniors are forced to “move out” to elderly homes they could afford.

Recently, a growing number of senior citizens are reportedly choosing to age in a retirement community, a multifaceted housing specifically designed for elders that provide facilities and amenities for different activities and socialization. But before deciding to choose a retirement community for you or your loved ones, you may want to consider its advantages and disadvantages.

Cost of a retirement community living

Retirement communities range from government subsidized facilities to luxurious complex. Nevertheless, aging in a retirement community entails financial concerns. Most retirement community arrangements include an entrance fee and a monthly fee. The cost varies depending on the type of housing unit and the amenities available. You should also consider the increase in cost every year. One problem that could arise in this type of arrangement is the refund when you choose to terminate the contract for one reason or another. In any case, the cost of living in a retirement community depends entirely on how you plan for your aging.

Emotional Setback

Leaving your own home for a retirement community can be an emotional baggage. It’s understandable that you may be reluctant to move out from your home filled with memories and with family, friends and relatives around you. Aside from this, elders might think that they are being sent to a retirement community because they become a burden to the family. This is where acceptance moves in. Somehow, you have to accept the fact that changes occur as people age and that there are things that should be given up no matter how important they are. Your house may not be conducive for elders whereas housing in retirement communities provides a safer surrounding constructed ideally for seniors to cope up with mobility pressures.

Transportation Issues

A substantial decrease in people’s reflexes result as they age and driving is not highly recommended to seniors for safety reasons. If you live in an area where simple shopping for daily needs require a mile or so of transportation, or access to medical and physical fitness establishments takes a toll on you, a retirement community living is much more advantageous. Most retirement communities are equipped with amenities that elder people need without the hassle of tiring transportation.

Social Relationship

One disadvantage of living in a retirement community is that sometimes, relatives and friends could not visit regularly so the feeling of loneliness creeps in that could sometimes lead to a serious depression. Aside from this, another worry of seniors living in a retirement community is the idea of seclusion, having no interaction with neighbors. Contrary to this misconception, you might find it more fun and exciting because the primary goal of a retirement community is to provide elders with activities that promote socialization. One disadvantage that you may experience is that there are peers who are hard to get by or become nuisance. The primary key to a successful social life is the ability and readiness to adapt to new neighbors and new friends.

Certainly, there are other aspects of living in a retirement community that can be advantageous or not. Once you decided that this arrangement is perfect for you or for your elder, it’s time to look for one which poses more benefits. Retirement community has a wide variety of options and the choice depends on your present condition with the future also in mind and of course, your financial capabilities.


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